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    Two things

    My thoughts are your 'senior ref' is a moron and is making it harder for the rest of us. "Frustration"??? What a load of crap. Punching somebody is frustration as well. Attitudes like this are WHY football has the most abusive culture compared to any other sport. Players need to be held...
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    The use of red and yellow cards in pre season games.

    If anything I'm stricter in preseason games - there's even less excuse for emotions to run wild!!!
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    Mad dissent

    Glad to see you taking appropriate action on these ones. You give them some benefit of the doubt but if it's blatant you don't have a choice!
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    When is ball inside penalty area? (5 a side)

    Bloovee bloovee.....the new interpretation is coming from you there mate :) The GK may handle the ball inside his penalty area. Lines form part of the area they enclose. Thus, any part of the ball on the PA line means the ball is in the PA. The only logical outcome from that is that...
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    Just dropped my biggest clanger to date!

    HAha....this is brilliant. I still remember my first handball in the box. I stood there thinking....wait, is this DFK or IFK? Good thing one of the players reminded me it's DFK/PK. We'll just gloss over the fact that this was an U/10 player;)
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    Penalty for football (Corruption)

    I wonder if the defender was supposed to have struck the attacker when he stuck his arms out? I find it curious that the attacker was appealing for something....can't figure out what. I also thought it was interesting to see the defence just get on with it - is that normal for this league?
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    Netherlands V Ireland under 17s KFTPM

    Yeah but that's a competition rule, not LOTG. I'd agree that the AR should really only be calling ball in/out and the referee should be judging encroachment. But the typical instruction is for the AR to judge it - and it sounds like the AR did call it here, when IMO this should be the domain...
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    Netherlands V Ireland under 17s KFTPM

    GK shirt, yes. Don't care about shorts and socks. On a side note, I've never understood why the referee stands up near the kicker. I mean, you only have 3 decisions to make: - Whether the kicker stopped and started or something like that - Whether the keeper came off their line - Whether...
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    Netherlands V Ireland under 17s KFTPM

    Well, no, but day is just night with a bright sky :D:D
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    Interesting call in Norway

    Well this was an absurd decision. If the player didn't fall, would you still give the foul? That's what the referee needed to ask himself. And of course he wouldn't have. There was the lightest of contact. You'd struggle to qualify calling that a push. If the player stayed on his feet...
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    Netherlands V Ireland under 17s KFTPM

    The keeper will have multiple shirts. Heck, put a T-shirt on if there's absolutely nothing. That satisfies the LOTG and the FA can deal with a competition rules breach, if they choose to. I find it weird that people on here would allow a keeper to use the same jersey at their team.
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    Netherlands V Ireland under 17s KFTPM

    Given the referee has just applied a mandatory law to send the keeper off, it seems a little absurd to argue that he should ignore the more obvious mandatory law that the keeper must wear a different jersey! Was it worthy of a retake? Well, IMO this is where the standard SHOULD be set. He's...
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    First Game with NARs

    Well, this challenge is the same for AR's - learning when AR input is required. For the first one, if there was a delay it may be that the AR thought you had seen it. Were you clearly looking to the AR? Were they looking to you to see what you wanted? Usually my instructions are something...
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    Probably should have been wider but...

    Are you ahead of play in this case? If so, why? Don't do that...usually :) Heck, you don't normally want to do that with AR's either
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    Substitution Confusion

    As per the FIFA Laws of the Game a substitution can occur at any stoppage in play. This is written into the laws. It's unlikely to use it to stop the momentum of an attacking team...well, it can occasionally happen with unlimited interchange. But really, if somebody shouts 'SUB REF' just as...
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    Probably should have been wider but...

    Sounds like just plain old bad luck rather than something you've done wrong!
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    Is 5'0 too short for a referee?

    What happened here mate, couldn't see above the keyboard? :D:D
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    Probably should have been wider but...

    Meh. A player can run in front of you no matter where you are. I don't think your position really has anything to do with that. Getting wide is probably handy here - heck, I've been happy to run completely off the field sometimes when play is held up in the corner or right on a line. But...
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    Dead ball deception

    If the referee didn't see it, it didn't happen. So the players couldn't argue that, no more than the attackers could argue that the ball crossed the line when a defender clears it out of the goal. I would, however, agree that the change becomes relevant if the AR can see it but the ref...
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    Dead ball deception

    I take your point....but before 'clearly' was put into play if you, the referee, can't see that it's moved then you have to presume it hasn't. So what changes here? Perhaps as you say it means the ones where the referee has seen it move, but barely perceptibly, can be considered not moving...