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  1. A Freethinker

    When will they ever learn?

    Finally, someone has stood up and taken someone to court over a headbutt incident during a game I suspect a few more will follow - However, hopefully this will serve as a lesson to the other...
  2. A Freethinker

    Trial by Video

    Interesting times ahead....personally if they brought in the 10min sin bin and only the captain allowed to talk to referees from Rugby first I would be a lot happier...
  3. A Freethinker

    Just be glad we don't referee in South America South America seems to be getting worse when it comes to incidents like this?
  4. A Freethinker

    Adidas Milano 2014 Socks (navy/red)

    Does anyone know where I can get a pair of size 10 Adidas Milano 2014 socks, it appears there is none for sale anywhere unless your feet are size 4-6!!