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  1. bester

    New futsal referee - promotion system

    RDO for Futsal is marc.birkett@fafutsalreferees.com South Yorkshire good location as the training events are usually in Derby, and plenty of uni teams about. Futsal levels are different. There's only 4. You may be able to get placed above level 4 if you've reached a higher level abroad. In...
  2. bester

    EPL 2024/25 - Semi-automated Offsides

    Should speed things up a.bit! Won't be ready for start of the season. https://www.premierleague.com/news/3962262
  3. bester

    Speaking to employers

    If you go on the women's pathway bear in mind that men will be "positively discriminated" against at some stage. Not my choice of phrase, it was said by Joanna Stimpson Women's Game National Referee Development Manager
  4. bester

    Swansea Vs Stoke

    Does this constitute a challenge? "Challenge An action when a player competes/contests with an opponent for the ball" From 50 seconds Prevents the goalkeeper releasing the ball?
  5. bester

    Old school ref - how to provide advice?

    @OldNavyRef 1) Tell him what was said exactly. 2) If the yellow was flashed then he can't technically stay on as the assessment wouldn't have been completed quickly. Not a situation for you to give public input
  6. bester

    WOL Vs WHU

    Started typing about a referee twitter account giving poor information, and then gave up. Mistakenly pressed post
  7. bester

    WOL Vs WHU

    These twitter accounts. Presents as being in the know and is frequently
  8. bester

    Osula challenge on Konate

    Attwell used the 'cut the grass' signal excessively. May have contributed to him missing this incident
  9. bester

    Brentford v Brighton

    Restart should be a free kick, and they should roll back the clock to the time of the incident?
  10. bester

    Grabbing Knackers

    How on Earth are you going to judge the force used? See how high pitched he sounds?
  11. bester

    Basketball - Replaying final 0.3 seconds

    Suppose there's a chance of a foul if they try to defend it.
  12. bester

    Basketball - Replaying final 0.3 seconds

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/basketball/68715301 As you can't shoot directly from the throw-in this seems a bit pointless (pun intended)
  13. bester

    Level 4 - What Happens?

    There were the same grumbles when the UCL1 started to be ref'd by levels 4s. Leicester Senior League was a step 7 ref'd by level 4s at the time!
  14. bester

    playing advantage then issuing a straight red for SFP

    There's an edit point but but it looks like he blows up when attacker is by the corner flag. Difficult place to recover position from for an attacking drop ball, particularly if they load the box!
  15. bester

    Drop ball: QPR v Birmingham

    The ball is in play when it touches the ground.
  16. bester

    MOAS emails

    The issue was reported to the FA reps for each level. Some obviously haven't passed on the information.
  17. bester

    Handball DOGSO and goalkeeper

    Question " There is shot on target which is saved by a defender by deliberate handling. The goalkeeper has a slim chance (eg. 10%) of saving if not for the handling offence. We can't be certain a goal is denied, but is it still a sending of offence as an obvious goal scoring opportunity has...
  18. bester

    OFFINABUS towards AR

    If you're offended, insulted or abused you should be telling the referee that. 'He offended me by calling me xxxx ' Up to the referee to do what he wants with that information. @N416405 Don't think not dealing with dissent or offensive language is always going to help club marks, very...
  19. bester

    Handball DOGSO and goalkeeper

    A thrown object or hitting the ball with a held object is no longer a handling offence, presume that was what prompted the law 'clarification'.