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  1. J

    Euros 2024

    Still not forgiven him for that United v PSG performance. Was a horrid game to ref tbf
  2. J

    Euros 2024

    Who are people putting their bets on to get the final?
  3. J

    England v Slovakia

    Thought the Kobbie one was unfair, and the Slovakia one. Understand them being yellows later in game, and under stand the idea that if they’re yellows in the 60th min they’re yellows in the 6th. Both feel unwarranted early in a knockout game
  4. J

    England v Slovakia

    4 yellows. Think 2 have been fair, 2 not so.
  5. J

    FA Cup Final

    ? Surely you can remove club bias and admit Madley got both pen shouts spot on
  6. J

    Crawley vs Crewe

    Guessing the Crewe player forgot there was VAR in use, an embarrassing dive
  7. J

    BW v OXF

    Fair few calls in the match but Samuel Barrott has been spot on. Excellent performance so far. 15 minutes left so I hope I don’t jinx him
  8. J

    Palace vs Man Utd

    Hadn’t seen this so was so confused when I opened RefChat and saw a thread for this match. Assumed we were just pre empting some poor VAR calls tonight 😂 On an actual note, Gillett is quite interesting to give it to, only because I swear he was the guy mic’d up in the A League that time
  9. J

    Surely OFFINABUS + more

    I’m not sure he missed it, but I’ll sympathise with my fellow official and hope he did. Of course, there is also the possibility I misheard 😂 For those of you into gossip, the player in question is actually the son of a famous celebrity chef. Not naming names, don’t want The Sun to get hold of...
  10. J

    Dodgy lines

    Entirely off topic and I apologise to OP but I’ve been on this forum since 2020, seen you plenty of times, and I’ve only just clicked that socal means Southern California
  11. J

    Surely OFFINABUS + more

    I was playing in a uni game yesterday, when we won a corner, but the ref awarded it as a goal kick to the opposite. I couldn’t tell, I thought it was our ball but I was much further away than the ref, and we’d had a lot of 50-50 stuff go against us. However, it doesn’t excuse what our striker...
  12. J

    City vs Chelsea

    I actually think it is after seeing replay from different angle. Not sure if it’s C and O tho, but poor from Oliver to give goal kick. Caicedo could have had a second yellow there for me
  13. J

    City vs Chelsea

    Handball shout for Chelsea, not for me, but more surprising how Oliver gave a dead ball, clearly a corner. Just got back in from Huddersfield basically being relegated, no idea if anything else has happened in this match so far
  14. J

    Lille vs Villa

    Martinez booked during penalty shootout after being booked in normal time. Cue the pandemonium when he isn’t sent off
  15. J

    Bristol City vs Huddersfield

    Are you a Bristol fan? Only asking cos you're from Bristol and despite saying its not a pen your last 2 posts seem to be suggesting it could be
  16. J

    Bristol City vs Huddersfield

    100th minute (not personally sure why so much injury time was played) and then this decision occurs. Pen or not for you guys?
  17. J

    Rainbow Laces

    Supporting LGBT is in no way political. Basic human rights like that aren’t political. You can get into more specific aspects (I won’t argue those with you, mainly because I’m a member of the LGBT community and I don’t think the discussion is needed on this forum) but that’s unrelated to Rainbow...
  18. J

    Junior/Youth last minute 13-0 dogso

    Yeh you’re not wrong, but as someone who is normally a stickler for the laws I’m ashamed to say I think I think in this exact situation I could be a hypocrite. Age group, end of game, and the score, would probably depend on the situation I think. It sounds like the player is hacked down in...
  19. J

    Brentford v Brighton

    As soon as I saw the headline, expected it to be Oliver that was the ref. Was gobsmacked that not only was he not the ref, he was the VAR that got overruled!
  20. J

    Rotherham United v Huddersfield Town

    Another Huddersfield thread on here, we’ve become popular all of a sudden!