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  1. Kes

    Animal abuse during a game

    Violent conduct is violent conduct .... :cool:
  2. Kes

    England v Nederland

    I'm generally a cup is half full man where my national team are concerned. Irrespective of whether Lingard had delayed his run by a nanosecond or not, England's only goal (and notable chance until that point) came from the spot after a defensive gift from Holland. Granted, Holland didn't create...
  3. Kes

    England v Nederland

    I'd tend to agree with you. :( England looked pretty clueless for long periods last night. Stones was a liability. All the Dutch had to do was press when we were in possession and our midfield (if you could call it that last night) was rendered totally ineffective, waiting for the ball to come...
  4. Kes


    Culture thang obviously. :rolleyes: It does beggar belief though that youthful exuberance (cos that's all it was) can be so cynically and harshly judged. The Chinese obviously aren't good losers ... :wtf:
  5. Kes

    Can it get any worse?

    ^ ^ ^ This ^ ^ ^
  6. Kes

    Sloppy Referee

    Double shocking. :cool:
  7. Kes

    Triple save and...

    Dunno. I think he slammed the door on his way out though ... :rolleyes: :D Only member I've ever placed on "Ignore" on here. ;) :meh:
  8. Kes

    Triple save and...

    Aaargh!! :eek: You had to go and say it dintcha?!! :D :p Just as well Padfoot's not here any more .... ;) :D
  9. Kes

    Triple save and...

    Possibly. Who can tell? 😉😄
  10. Kes

    Triple save and...

    I wouldn't mark any referee down for not penalising it.
  11. Kes

    School game

    Yeah I couldn't see anything concerning 7 a side on there either. We have a member on here @RefJef who is generally clued-up about schools football (he's a teacher himself). Might be worth PMing him(?) Although I get that your match is actually tomorrow .... :bite: :cool:
  12. Kes

    School game

    Try the ESFA website Jack. Although I think it's mainly 9 a side they deal with .... ? Failing that, I'd just go with the normal rules for small sided football.
  13. Kes

    Triple save and...

    Agreed. Totally. :cool:
  14. Kes

    Triple save and...

    I certainly wouldn't be giving it myself but then I've always thought the "circumventing the law" thing was a daft and pointless inclusion in the book anyway. Who's to say that any backpass to a goalkeeper with the knee or the shin or even the head isn't an example of a player circumventing the...
  15. Kes

    Sin bins

    I suppose if you put it that way Russell then yes, I've done that before - but not often. Generally, I'd just call it "banter". It's certainly not a "stepped approach" for me but I get that effectively, by verbalising anything with a player before whipping out the card amounts to something...
  16. Kes

    True Story...

    I entered a blindfold ejaculating competition last week. I going back tomorrow night to see if I can find out where I came. :cool:
  17. Kes

    Sin bins

    Agreed. The stepped approach , for me, is for technical offences ie foul play, restarts etc. Dissent is dissent. I won't let one or two examples of what I consider to be genuine dissent just slide because it's early on or because I think it's "fair". I card it straight away. Most players...
  18. Kes

    Junior/Youth Possible OFFINABUS and dissent?

    Does the new Law change that stipulates coaching staff can be carded from next season mean that they'll have to appear named on Whole Game in the same way that players are?
  19. Kes

    Just got my promotion letter.

    Level 5 here I believe. :cool:
  20. Kes

    Goalkeeper off line PK

    Lol. Yep. :D