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  1. Alex71

    Barking & Dagenham RA - Football Panel - 15 Sep

    My society's next meeting is a Football Panel - details : Thursday 15 September Dagenham & Redbridge FC, RM10 7XL (2 min walk from Dagenham East tube) 8pm start On the panel : Allan Fenn (Ilford FC Manager) Sharon Fitch (Wadham Lodge FC Secretary) Lloyd Wood (L2b Referee) Paul Belcher (Ilford...
  2. Alex71

    DOGSO or SFP ?

    GK was sent off for this ... Thoughts ?
  3. Alex71

    Re-take or IDFK the other way

    Youth friendly game last night - played in good spirit in glorious evening sunshine Team A has a free-kick on the half-way line, v near to the touch line, in front of the crowd Player wants to go fairly quickly and plays it firmly down the line I am 5-7 yards from the free-kick - trying to get...
  4. Alex71

    Penalty - oops a daisy

    Law 14 : The ball is in play when it is kicked and clearly moves Incident from the weekend (first one) which got me wanting to be 100% sure on other possible scenarios Player trips during their run up - falls - no contact with the ball Player trips during their run up - falls onto the ball -...
  5. Alex71

    Kick-off - YES !! !!

    First time I've seen it :) Romania v Switzerland The BBC website recorded it like this: The Swiss take their kick-off backwards, baffling Pat Nevin in the process. That's a new rule change as of 1 June. You can smack it anywhere you want now. Shoot if you want.
  6. Alex71

    Innie or Outie ?

    I have an Innie - what do you have !?!?
  7. Alex71

    It really winds me up when ...

    ... people seem to worship us by saying we can't have football games without referees ... Yes we play a part in the football family - but - we aren't Gods or even the most important part !! For me - it's the coaches who are the most important ... they put the effort in mid-week and game day...
  8. Alex71

    Wanting to send a player off

    I've got a game this coming Saturday - they'll be someone playing who I really want to send off He may not commit a foul, take his top off after scoring a goal, may not even give me any dissent at all ... but I really REALLY want to send him off !! !! Hints & tips please how I can best find a...
  9. Alex71

    The most ...

    Ref'd a very enjoyable charity game this morning - kids coming on taking penalties etc. Ended with 34 players on the pitch :) Anyone beat that ..?
  10. Alex71

    Hamilton vs Hearts

    Highlights on the bbc - (scroll down a little) 2 reds ... 00:42 03:20 Given the temperature of the game - I like how the referee handled them - especially the 2nd one ...
  11. Alex71

    "Everton's first goal was absolutely offside"

    Multiple angles on the video ... anyone agree with Mr Pellegrini ..?
  12. Alex71

    Hertford Town v Barking - FA Vase

    Anyone got any software to zooooooooooom in to be sure ..?
  13. Alex71

    Rooney slap

    Who thinks they'll see one of these come the weekend ..?
  14. Alex71

    Doh !!
  15. Alex71

    Offside - ARM

    Law 11 is very clear that an ATTACKING player's arm cannot be offside Today at half-time in the Manchester United v Newcastle game I'm sure I heard Howard Webb (in the TV truck) refer to the DEFENDING player's arm as something that cannot play an attacking player onside Have I ..: heard it...
  16. Alex71

    Celtic v Ross County

    00:05 penalty ..? 00:50 DOGSO ..?
  17. Alex71

    Advantage Over ..?

    Ball over the top into the penalty area Defender is shepherding (shielding) the ball as the GK comes out Attacker carelessly shoves the defender in the back - obvious push - everyone has seen it GK picks the ball up Referee signals advantage, shouts play on 4-5 seconds later the Defender now...
  18. Alex71

    Cup Final Treats

    I've had a few cup final appointments over the last few seasons - as well as the honour and privilege of doing them - and being fed & watered - have also received a few nice treats (instead of payment) new (full) kit kit bag League embroidered leisurewear (also had match fee sometimes) Any one...
  19. Alex71

    DOGSO - triple whammy - law change

    I heard on the radio today that the outcome of the IFAB meeting in Belfast includes a recommendation to FIFA to remove one of the triple whammy of a DOGSO in the penalty area : Player off Penalty Suspension from another game Surprisingly, the recommendation was to remove the 3rd bullet above -...
  20. Alex71

    Offside - interfering - with a player's mind

    Ball over the top into space Yellow 9 - who is in an off-side position - starts to run towards it - he is still 15 yards from the ball when CAR flag goes up Yellow 9 sees the flag - stops - hasn't physically stopped a Blue player from getting to the ball ... Yellow 8 (on-side) runs on to the...