1. J

    Writing on Cards

    Hi guys, I thought I'd start up everybody's favourite topic of conversation again - writing on cards. I'm getting fed up of stickers/masking tape on cards and despite RefsWorld assurances that their card skins would be back in a few weeks ago, they aren't so... does anyone know where I can...
  2. alexv

    Writing on cards

    My first County Cup game tomorrow and I cannot wait, but it seems the weather will be awful. Hopefully if the game can go ahead, I don’t think my paper match card sheets will be very helpful, especially for writing players’ names and doing a little penalty tally for a shootout. Anything I can...
  3. B

    Junior/Youth Youth Games & Cards

    All, Had a youth U13s game today. Was all fine throughout the first half. Gave two pens, both clear cut and no complaining from either teams. One at each end. Second half, one of the players gets tackled just outside area and goes down (despite no contact and the other player clearly getting...