first game

  1. P

    First Game tomorrow Very nervous

    I have my first game tomorrow I am reffing an Under 12s game so hopefully that will be good to ease myself into it but I'm nervous I will make a wrong decision as I've seen lots of people saying that their first games have gone really badly. Also something I'm unsure about is how you manage...
  2. J

    First Game yesterday

    So i took charge of my first game yesterday - I don't think it went particularly great. I turned up and the pitch we were meant to be playing on was being used by another team so we were allocated an astro truth pitch. Introduced myself to the teams and there was a bit of light hearted banter...
  3. R

    First game on Saturday

    Hi, I am 14 and have recently completed the first part of my course (I now have to referee five games and take the test). On Saturday, I have my first game. It is an U11 match, first game of the season. I am reasonably confident about the game itself but not very sure about what to do prematch...
  4. M

    First League Game

    Hi all, Recently took my course and currently a trainee ref. Did my first game at the weekend but was only a U11 game that wasn't technically 'competitive'. I have my second game this weekend and my first real game. It is still only U12 but means a lot more for the players. Its a Division 2...
  5. Nathan Fletcher

    First Game very soon! Advice?

    Got my first ever competitive game coming up Sunday, into Divison 1 youth, any tips/advice I can get? Also, what would be your limit of abuse? Like little comments here and there, but what would you issue a card for? How bad would you let the comments get until you issue a card? Cheers!!