level 7

  1. alexv

    Promotion to Level 6

    I’ve just completed my 5 games and have been promoted to L7. I really want to get promoted to L6 as soon as I can, but feel like I need a few more games before I referee adult football (mainly down to nerves). I feel like a whole year is too long to wait, but I’m really unsure whether to apply...
  2. K

    Stepping up to Open Age

    Hopefully, there's somebody on here from the East Midlands area that can answer this: I'm currently at Level 7 with Derbyshire FA and have been refereeing youth football for 4 seasons. I'm looking at gaining some experience at open age level, preferably starting out acting as an Assistant...
  3. Adam Dyer


    Names Adam. Level 7 Official going for promotion this season, currently reffing in the NYDAL League, On my second season now. Have done line at the cup finals at Northampton Town FC!