A couple of things to watch out for ...

I’ve done a fair few games now under the “new” laws and I’ve spotted a common thread that’s (nearly) caught me out a few times, so I thought I’d share my experience here.

With the new law not requiring the ball to leave the penalty area from a goal kick, a lot of teams are taking quick goal kicks and more than once I’ve been merrily trotting back into position on the half way line, only to suddenly see the ball is in play following a quick tap to an adjacent defender.

And, on a related note, on more than one occasion, in their haste to take a quick goal kick, the ball has still been rolling.

Of course, the above could have still happened under the “old” laws, but I’ve noticed a definite increase in the above this season.

Might be worth being aware of the above?
Yep, goal kick one is the most common one I've seen so far. Getting into position for the drop zone is a thing of the past. Much better to hang around the edge of the area tbh, never turn you back on the keeper. Agree with the ball still rolling, had that a lot of times when trying to catch the opposition unaware.
Getting into position for the drop zone is a thing of the past.
I sort of agree. Even when the press is on and they change to a long goal kick, they tend to switch it up. I found myself woefully out of position quite a bit in my last friendly. I think I need to be more switched on for this season thanks to the new laws. :)