Advice-feedback request - Futsal vs Soccer law differences


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My local facility in the US is launching a futsal league. I anticipate there will be a LOT of learning, as this is the first time there's been a true futsal league and not a small-sided version on a basketball court with Pugg goals and no goalkeepers. Since my son plays his soccer at this facility, I do a lot of work related to refereeing and have developed the attached presentation to help referees working these matches to understand the key differences between futsal and soccer laws.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of differences. I'm hoping to highlight the biggest or most relevant differences. Example - referees need to understand that once the keeper releases the ball, he can't play it in his defensive half until the ball goes out of play or is touched by the attacking team. I've received some feedback in a different forum where I need to clearly state that a player must "set" the ball on kicking restarts by settling it with the hand. Other than that, any feedback on this will be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, many basketball-based gym facilities in the US aren't compatible with futsal. For example, trying to get a 100 ft x 65 ft court is sometimes difficult because the surface barely comprises an 84 ft x 50 ft basketball court. This facility has four 120 ft x 84 ft futsal courts on a gym floor that has 8 basketball courts. It's really a step up for the quality of the game in my hometown.


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