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Afternoon all,

Just a quick line to introduce myself. After conceding that I’m never going to make it as a professional footballer at the age of 29, I’ve finally got round to starting refereeing.

I’m still in the embryonic stages at the moment, I sit my BRC exam on Saturday, but am keen to get the first six games under my belt and get out there.

I am looking forward to getting involved on here (I’ve been a lurker for a couple of months now) and I apologise in advance for any seemingly obvious things I ask.

Hope you’re all well.


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Welcome to RefChat @teaparty enjoy your time here and no question is a stupid one as someone else is probably thinking it.

I've put a few horrendous questions on here just for clarity :)

Good luck with the exam


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Hello and welcome! Best of luck with your brand new hobby. Feel free to share any thoughts, experiences or concerns with us all. Everyone knows someone who's had a similar experience and we can all share our collective blagging wisdom.


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Welcome. As you have lurked for a while you should have a fair idea of what this site is like. As said above the obvious question is just the question that others didn't want to ask.

Hello & Welcome teaparty..............good luck with your exams & if it helps, the following link was a useful study aid for me
Excellent study aid and for ongoing refresher. I used it before my exam and again over the summer break.


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Cheers for all the responses, you're very kind.

Yeah, I've been using for a while now. What was once an easy way of killing 5/10 minutes at work has turned into a bit of a challenge to beat my previous scores.

Hello and welcome! Best of luck with your brand new hobby.
That is certainly all it is at the moment but, without getting ahead of myself, I'm keen/ambitious enough to think that I could progress to a reasonable level over the next few years. Still, I need to pass that exam on Saturday first.