Big Kit for Big Refs


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I'm not too far away from needing to referee the first set of games before becoming a level 7. Could anyone tell me where I'd be able to get bigger kit whilst I get fit? I'm 52" chest and 46" waist and this fat lad would appreciate any help!

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I wouldn't have a clue - but our supplies officer at our ref club is a rather large chap - so i'll ask him for you

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Get some go-faster Adidas stripes for the fitness test Juddy! :cool:...

I'm a big lad myself, XL is a bygone thought but I haven't got any XXL shirts to donate or else I would!


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I'm a lard ass, 54" chest and the only kit I can find that fits me is the Adidas 12 range (the one's with the purple trim) I have Nike XXL and the Adidas Vicar type kit XXL and both are waaaaaaaaaaaay to small!!
Although they are larger kits they are slim fitting!!

XXL Slim fit, work that one out!