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Hi All

I've got a set of 4 Yapalong 4000's to sell.

It's a full duplex, two way communication's system. Included is:
  • 4 Radios
  • 4 Headsets/microphones (3 open mic ones and one push to talk for a fourth official)
  • 4 chargers for the radios
  • 4 arm straps with small and large straps
  • 1 Solid metal case to store/transport everything
I got it all from the manufacturer about 2 years ago but they've not been used an awful lot since then, still in excellent condition with no signs of wear and tear. I've also looked after them very well, making sure that everything had been cleaned after every use.

They're perfect for matches with 3 or 4 officials or they can be used to help coach referees (the main function that I've had them for), allowing the coach to be able to constantly hear the referee (or referee team) and to offer instant advice and coaching during a game instead of having to wait for half time or full time. I'm also aware of them being purchased by local referee associations and societies for the benefit of coaching their members or providing them for use in cup finals

Having used both this type and the Vokkero sets (the ones used on the premier league), I believe the sound quality is much better and clearer with this set.
However the main difference is the premier league sets are encrypted to ensure that no one can hack into them whereas these don't have that feature and is the reason why the Vokkero's are about 3 times the price

They can also be used in other industrial settings if required, however they're mainly used by sports officials in all sports.

The retail price of everything included is around £1000 (including postage) but I'm not looking to be too close to that number as I appreciate they're second hand so I'm open to sensible offers.

If you have any queries or questions about them please feel free to message me and I'll be happy to answer anything!


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Adam - apologies to spoil the party here, but the only matches permitted to use these in England are the National League and upwards. Any referee below the level of 2a, therefore, should not be buying these as they simply cannot be used in any of their matches.


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But by heck they come in useful in other situations - cycle team from team car to riders in the peloton

If still FS can you drop me a line with price / location / Pics etc please.
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