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2024-2025 Laws of the Game changes in football are announced. Below you’ll find an outline summary of Law changes. No big changes. Most interesting for referees is info non-deliberate handball and DOGSO, shin guards (but remains quite general) and different approach on encroachment in line with VAR. Download a full pdf for the LOTG 2024-2025 (in English). Law 1 – The Field of Play Law 3 – The Players Law 4 – The Players’ Equipment Law 12 – Fouls and Misconduct Law 14 – The Penalty Kick

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A&H International
Have just read over the changes, and a couple of interesting ones.

Non-deliberate handball, which is DOGSO now being sanctioned with a caution in certain situations is a good change for the game, but will certainly create sone confusion!

Tidying up SinBins to lead to a straight red is a welcome change! Will finally remove the need for the special cards to navigate the minefield…

Clarification of placement on the penalty spot is also good, as I’ve seen teams abuse the ‘overhanging’ principle this season.

I know we’ve discussed these elsewhere, but it’s my first time seeing the full pdf: