Dutch Referee Blog - Game management for referees – tips from Howard Webb


Jan ter Harmsel

Game management for referees is so important. It’s very important to remain confident and that you’re not going to hide when players react negatively to your whistling. That’s one of the key learnings I’ve taken with me from the keynote Howard Webb gave during the Ontario Soccer Summit. Howard Webb stresses that you need to […]

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RefChat Addict
World Cup refereeing
During his speech Webb talks about his game management in the World Cup final as well. After 22 minutes and two more yellow cards Webb realises this game was not going to plan. “The yellow card did not have the effect it should have”, he says. “It’s quite a scary feeling for a ref.”
Interesting. I know the feeling, sometimes the cards don't seem to do anything!

I like his advice on not hiding and not losing self-belief. Easier said than done, but I do agree with it.