Dutch Referee Blog - Kepa vs Sarri: when a player refuses to leave


Jan ter Harmsel

Kepa vs Sarri: case study when a player refuses to leave. I always thought this situation was reserved for my weekly Laws of the Game Quizzes, but it really happened in the Carabao Cup. How do you deal with this situation as a refreee? When a player refuses to leave A unique story in pics […]

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Ciley Myrus

RefChat Addict
Great analysis as always, thought Jon Moss did a great job of resuming play as quickly as possible

Two sides to that. Unique situation so kinda went with flow
Flipside, totally no need for Moss to get involved. Does he know something different to the 4th?
"Jon sub" shouts 4th
Board up, gk not going anywhere, Moss achieves what, by going to the sideline?
To get play resuming as quick as possible he should/could have stayed where he was, and resumed play