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Jan ter Harmsel

The referee plays advantage perfectly when you let the non-offending team build up an attack. But where do you apply the advantage? In this blog post you’ll see video examples, plus criteria to keep in mind when giving advantage. Because of a great example in the last UCL round, I thought about writing this blog […]

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Big Cat

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Except that there was arguably no advantage, as determined by the winger slowing down bereft of support

santa sangria

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I think this is an example of maybe playing advantage too quickly. The referee has already seen the headlines and is giving it the big hands because it's (big) Ron on the deck... but wait a second and he'd have seen the attack die and been able to give a strong yellow and match control (and Ron control) would have been improved ;)

socal lurker

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I can go either way on this one. The FK would be back near the halfway line, and the team had a possible break, but even without that had uncontested control much closer to the goal after he held up. I don't know the FK was better than that.

(Nothing in the Laws says he can't go back after signalling, though I know some places teach that as a bad practice.)