Dutch Referee Blog - Week 24 Laws of the Game Quiz 2018-2019


Jan ter Harmsel

It’s time for week 24 of the Laws of the Game Quiz 2018-2019. An interesting one with a few questions I made for Tournaments Abroad Referee Academy. For example with a player who’s outside the field of play and wants to come in while standing besides the goal-post. He sees that a shot is going […]

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Hmm in #5, the phrasing "walks on the field of play" implies that it's a substitute, so surely that is the first offence, the reason to stop the game and the restart (IDFK, no?)

Also #2 is an interesting one. I'm interested to know what part of the LotG to cite here to make this an offence (the GK accidentally dropping the ball and handling again).

The offence on p103 is:
touches the ball with the hands after:
• releasing it and before it has touched another player

But what is a "release". It's not defined in the glossary. Surely it implies a deliberate act, no?
Can someone explain how to justify this as an offence?


RefChat Addict
Q1. Technically this is a yellow card followed by a red card. Yellow for entering without permission and red for DOGSO. The offences did not happened at the same time so they should both be sanctioned.

Q2. @santa sangria , you quoted the right part. Agree there is some ambiguity here on if it was 'released'. I think the fact that "goalkeeper wants to kick the ball" makes it a deliberate act but it wasn't executed (or end up) how it was planed.
I would pick on the wording of the Q though. The location of the restart is not depended on where the goalkeeper was when the ball was touched a second time but where the ball was. For example if the ball was just (by centimetres) but wholly outside the goal area where the goal area line meets the goal line, the goal keeper can be inside the goal area (except for the tip of his fist) and correct answer becomes incorrect.

Q5. Agreed with @santa sangria . Unless advantage comes in etc. But I have a feeling the opponent is a player and legally on the FOP and the intent of the Q is lost in translation.

With quizzes, sometimes you have read past what the question says and into what the person who is asking the question meant to say :)