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SF - I think your original question was ambiguously worded. It could be read - and was by me (and most others, as far as I can tell based on their responses) to mean which team had the most players from their club side in an England International match, not in a league game.

Unless it was deliberately worded to confuse, of course.

I been away too long and should have known better than to take the question at face value....
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Yes, amazing that the FA banned Red Cards as they thought they were the cause of crowd trouble in the late 70s.... only re-introduced in 1981
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Excuse the questions wording but it was perfectly clear that it was a league team as I referred to 8 times in a season. When have we ever talked about England matches as a season?
It appears from the answers that it wasn't clear to those responding. As far as I can tell, they were all giving examples of the most players from one club in an England game. When talking football, I would say people often refer to seasons and years fairly interchangeably. We could quite easily refer to "England games played during the 1980/81 season," for instance, and people would understand what that meant.
Perfectly clear to most, it appears that some have now run out of straws to clutch too! 🤓
I’ll try and set easier ones next time!
,.....Which team have had the most England internationals in one game and how many?? They did it 8 times too that season!!

I would have said ‘which team supplied most players to a full England internanional (Mens) game’ that’s miles different to what I actually wrote and a completely different question.
It’s not me who wrote laws it’s you lot that chop them up and spit them out badly! 😂👍

What would you lot do without your flexible friends LOL
Very interesting to read that the first red card shown was for arguing with the referee (dissent?) and the second for foul language (OFFINABUS) - both on the same match day. Can't remember the last time I saw two players sent for OFFINABUS on the same day - a new quiz question?
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