For Sale Ervocom Buzzer Flags

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Hi, i am selling my ervocom referee paging system as i have received a new one as a gift for my birthday.
They are in excellent working condition as a have used them for only two months, they were already used. Only the one flag's rubber (grip) is a little bit loose but, as long as you mention to your ARs during the prematch meeting to press in the middle of the button, you will not have any problems.
As a gift for the buyer i will include another two diamond pattern flags' clothes, which are displayed in the pictures. Everything in the offer is displayed in the pictures.
The price for refchat buyers is open to negotiations for sensible offers keeping in mind that i have barely used them. This will propably be listed on amazon or ebay. Please only serious buyers.
Grab the bargain!
For shipping and more information please contact me personally!


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