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Hi All,

I have recently completed the residential part of the FA Leadership Academy (FALA) 23, which begins the journey of a 1 year project to improve the football community, with my project aiming to increase young referee retention.

I am beginning my FALA project with a research study into some of the reasons we can support young referees in general, and have put together a short Microsoft form to start to get a few ideas. It would be fantastic if you would be able to fill it out (should only take a few minutes), especially if you are under 25, as the 18-25 range is where we lose the maximum number of referees each year.
The Survey

The aim is that after the survey is complete, we will go on to begin to look into some of the points that the survey highlights (quite a few of the questions are more to support some of my hypothesis rather than to bring in new ideas!) And attempt to imbed them first into my CFA with the support of our County Youth Council (which I sit on) and my RDO, as well as the long distance support from my FALA mentor and the FA National Youth Council if required.

Also, if anyone would like to highlight any of the things that their CFA does to help support young referees, then I'm all ears!

Thank you for letting me take a few minutes of your time!

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