First game this morning !

Did my first game this morning , all went fine , except ! a lad went down in the centre circle after a very very obvious trip , I blew instantly , ball carried on running through and his team mate went on to score , looking back I could have waited a few seconds to see how play developed , all players took the decision in good faith and rest of the game went fine , should I count to 5 before blowing up in that situation ? it didnt help that the foul was so obvious


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If that's all you had then well done. If you blew immediately and then it took a few seconds for them to score then I am not so sure it would have been a goal if you hadn't blown.

Here is how I do it, I almost always wait half a second, then I ask "are they now better off than a free kick?"
Yes: Signal advantage a the fouls is n the past​
I don't know yet: Wait half to one second longer and repeat question​
No (and wont get better): Blow whistle and give the foul​
Once I get to about 3 seconds and I still don't know, I blow the whistle and give the foul. I am from Sydney (Aus). I believe things may be done a bit differently in England.


I used to be indecisive but now i'm not so sure
Based on your description, it sounds like that if the player had reacted to the whistle he would have been too far out to score anyway. Potentially defenders may have slowed/stopped from your whistle as well so there’s always that to bear in mind.

If your only concern in your first game was a potentially missed advantage then that’s a good sign. Keep it up 👍