First League Game

Hi all,

Recently took my course and currently a trainee ref. Did my first game at the weekend but was only a U11 game that wasn't technically 'competitive'. I have my second game this weekend and my first real game. It is still only U12 but means a lot more for the players. Its a Division 2 game 2nd vs 3rd I think. The area is known for being the most dangerous place where I live as well as the team home team being known as a dirty team. Any tips on how to make it through this game?



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1st and foremost dont go into the game with pre conceived perceptions.
Just referee whats in front of you on the day.
If it gets feisty raise your profile. You can do this by decreasing your tolerance for contact, so little shrugs, pulls and pushes we tend to let go - dont. Blow up.

And if it gets REALLY bad - dont be afraid to use your two mates, red and yellow.


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Have you been allocated a mentor yet? If you have then ask if he/she is available to come and watch you. Like James said, just referee the game as it comes. Good luck, enjoy it and let us know how you get on.
I'm with Berks and Bucks after doing the course with Northants and they said nothing about a mentor. They simply said record your 5 games. I'm sure it will be fine, just a tough second game!

richard ramjane

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if the parents start kicking up dont engage with them, liase with the managers and get them to ask them to be quiet or more supportive... or to remove them completely if necessary.