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jordan clarkson

Jordan Clarkson.
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Evening all,
I've applied to go from 5-4 this coming season, but unfortunately I recently failed the L4 fitness test on Wednesday. I was 300m short and I feel it was more physiological then it was physically.
I feel I prepared poorly for this in terms of food I had, just general preparation. (Without making excuses 2 weeks prior my fiancé gave birth to our first child)
I have one more attempt in 2 weeks time (31st) but this is the final attempt and I was just wondering if anyone has any training Plans which i can use for the next 2 weeks or any tips to help me prepare for it.
All help will be massively appreciated.


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Find a track.
Run as far as you can for 12 minutes.

Go back to the track.
Run as far as you can for 12 minutes.

Go b.....

The fitness test is all about doing 1 minute 50 laps. It's psychological.


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Here in West Riding we get only the one attempt when going 5-4. As Darius says, find a track, run. Darius knows this well, it's the only time he does run!
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If you have even basic fitness levels then the fitness test is effectively just psychological. It isn't that difficult, 60+ year olds can and do pass it, and the main reason people fail is lack of preparation.

As has been said you need to practice at a track, that way you can time the laps and make sure you get the timing right..

Brian Hamilton

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Get a watch with a repeat timer function and set it to 55 seconds. Press start as you begin to run and run 200m for every 50 second "lap" on the watch. Do this for 12 minutes and you should find that you run around 2620m. I know it wastes 19m but hey who cares eh?

If you are short of your 200m when the alarm goes off, that's the signal to step it up for the next 400m. If you're ahead of your time, then if you feel comfortable, maintain your pace. If you're not comfortable, try to ease up for the next 55 seconds, but don't let it slip so you end up chasing your next marker.