Handball (Again)

The player is trying to avoid contact. The ball is played from less than 3 yards away. Her starting arm position is natural. She moved her arm to try to get it out of the way but can’t.

For me there’s enough in the laws (proximity, unexpected ball) for this not to be an offence, but this is the worst of the new law and new extreme interpretation. It seems like any arm movement and ball to hand is an offence. I understand it but it doesn’t seem fair.

What I did like was the ref’s instructions at DFK in the Can-Cam game. Keep your arms by your sides. Not chest, not face, not up at all. Siimple, clear. I like that because it should mean goals.
If seen, I think this was a HB at the professional level last year everywhere in the world except in England . . .

The "usually" stuff in the new Laws is just the guidance that has been being given