How About A Nice (Refereeing) Limerick?


I'll Decide ...
As a ref, I was forced to explain,
"It's not me, it's the Laws Of The Game"
"So please shut your gob,
get on with YOUR job,
And kindly let me do the same".

Just a bit of light-hearted fun you understand. ;):cool:

Anybody else feel up to throwing something together?

I know you're out there .... :D
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Sorry - not up to your standard... but a start...

I'm the ref and it’s red verses blue,
With a whistle and cards, I have two,
I run and I blow,
And the cards I do show,
So the county can have their big do.

Sheffields Finest

Maybe I'm foolish, maybe I'm blind!
I met a strange fellow from Leeds.
Who swallowed a packet of seeds.
Great tufts of fine grass.
Sprouted out of his ass.
But his b0llocks were blighted with weeds!!!

I'm here all week!! :poop:

Ciley Myrus

RefChat Addict
"2 Teams on the park ref", the players do shout
Lino raises his flag though the ball it aint out
Offsides' just a guess
Advantage a mess
But my expensive watch for the fine
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I'll Decide ...
One or two wordsmiths out there clearly. :)

And one or two .... well .... not wordsmiths. :redcard: :D

Here's another to be going on with:

A female official named Nellie,
Found the teams that she refereed smelly.
She decided one day
To just simply stop play
And go home and watch Friends on the telly. :p

Keep em coming guys. If you're able. :cool:


I'll Decide ...
Follically Challenged.

As the player's boot bounced off my head,
I immediately brandished the red.
He cried "Ref, it ain't fair,
That you've got no hair,
And I volleyed your bonce instead!!"


Ciley Myrus

RefChat Addict
Turned up for my game like I said I would
My kit and the teams were the same, I swear dude
So I tried to ad lib,
And I looked for bib,
then thought feck it I'll just referee nude.


I'll Decide ...
A frustrated young Linesman from Hull,
Found his match so exceedingly dull,
That he ate both his flags,
Smoked two packs of fags
And scoffed Twixes and Mars Bars til full.

I'm on a roll people .... :D


I'll Decide ...
I think this thread has somewhat died.
It weren't my fault - I only tried
To see what verse might come to light
And some was good but some was sheeite.

Ciley tried his very best
To throw his oar in with the rest
JamesL and others showed the way
But as for "Yorkshire" ....
...Let's not say.! :rolleyes:

I hope to try again some time
And coax you into typing rhyme
If in the meantime, write you must
Then on this thread, your verses thrust.

Good day fellow professionals. :):cool: