If anyone in Northampton is bored tomorrow (Thursday)

Brian Hamilton

I am the storm
An old bearded man will be presenting to the local RA.

If you're going to throw fruit, please make sure it's fresh so I can eat it on the way home.


Supply League Observer
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With two of the prize members of the forum in one location, @Ross - you better organise some security to stop them both getting mobbed / kidnapped.

On a more boring note, York RA has it's meeting tonight.


Lighting the darkest hour
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Very good. We had some extras last night who had just completed their LOTG exams as new referees and they participated in Brian's exercise on free kicks brilliantly. I also managed to earn myself a comedy caution for some smart alec remarks which went down a storm.

Generally, something different to the norm which is always good. I have tried to upload some pictures onto here without success as yet - maybe later on!