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If the hands are used, law 12 specifically covers it. Your email clarifyes if it also covers goal keepers.

The question is if it is DOGSO when crossbar is used for lift and a goal is denied using a body part other than the hands/arms.
Well for me, the underlying principle here hinges on whether the action of hanging from the bar and preventing a ball from entering the net while doing so, would "be considered an offence of unsporting behaviour leading to an indirect free kick for which the [player committing the offence] should be dismissed" (for denying a goal) or not.

The reply was that stopping the ball entering the net while hanging from the crossbar would be considered as an act of unsporting behaviour punishable by an IFK (and a sending off offence because it denied a goal). As far as I'm concerned, that principle would apply whether the USB involved a keeper using the hand or an outfield player using a different body part.


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I once had an U16 cup tie 1-0, 1-1, 2-1, 2-2 up to 3-3 with the same team always behind and they scored the 3rd right near the end of normal time.

ET - 4-3, 4-4, 5-4 and yep same team always behind, I'm looking at my watch thinking, 'Last attack' - they get a free kick, just outside area and bang, a 'worldy' makes it 5-5 and yes the same team won penalty shoot out 5-4. Losing coach comes over after the game, I'm thinking 'Oh here we go, something's going to be my fault' - " Ah well, that's football" he said!
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Two for me

1. I have mentioned this before, but game stopped for parachutist landing on the pitch and getting tangled up in a goal net.

2. For football related, a pitch invasion by sheep - escaped from nearby field then cam onto pitch and stopped.
i hope you remembered the red card for entering the field without permission