Law 4 - hand casts


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Are they any specific exemptions for the usage of casts/protective equipment? I can only see reference to it being 'soft, lightweight' and 'non-dangerous' as permitted. I assume that means hard plaster casts are out of the question?

Just been asked if a hand cast is permitted.


RefChat Addict
Not in my game for the plaster ones. But I have seen them being permitted in some pro/semi-pro games after being wrapped in thick soft material to make them less dangerous. Some comp rules have specif rules about plaster casts.
Although it might not specifically rule out all kinds of casts I think it would be a real stretch to include a hard cast under the category of an "arm [protector] made of soft, lightweight padded material..."

In the end, the overriding provision is that:
A player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous.
That alone, I think is enough to rule out a hard cast.