Law change for shootouts at WWC


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Women's World Cup: Rule on encroachment during penalty shootouts suspended

Goalkeepers will not receive a booking for encroachment during shootouts. So the law makers are now changing the LOTG half way through a tournament (admittedly you couldn’t have a shootout before this point). This is all become laughable now

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Essentially a confession that they didn't see what was coming. How in the world was anything that happened with PKs not 10% predictable by anyone who knows even a little about how GKs have handled PKs for decades?

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This is not the first time (and I'm sure it won't be the last) where the IFAB has made a change shortly after an amendment was brought in, on realising that it wasn't working out exactly as intended. For example, the 'circumvention' law was introduced exactly 24 days after the 1992 Laws came into effect.

At least they're taking a pragmatic approach, accepting the reasonable criticisms that people have expressed and adjusting accordingly. Would you rather they'd dug their heels in, refused to adapt and waited for the first goalkeeper to be sent off during KFPM?


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Though this admission is not on the amendment to the law has any problems. It's a problem with the way a change to the VAR application was introduced in combination with the law. In this case the law from previous years (without the amendment) would have had an even bigger problem.

On different matter, we now have two concurrent threads on exactly the same topic.