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We gotta talk about Salah's goal and the challenge on NZonzi. But first, what a right c*** up by Lovren. OMG.
Watching back the Sevilla goal, when the ball broke to Sevilla up their end, the ref signalled advantage - when he was surely turning down a handball appeal from a Henderson shot.

Then Salah... at first it looks like he fouls NZonzi, but form the other angle, it looks like Salah gets in front of him and then NZonzi kicks Salah's foot and falls over. So, I am happy with the goal. But... doesn't the ref put his whistle to his lips here...? That's what it looked like to me. Just seen it again - and I am 95% sure.

That looks like two bad bits of signalling before two goals. At least the pen was nailed on...

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Re the signalling, I feel I have been shouted down on this topic with unauthorised hand signals before. Here is perfect example. To me, thats firstly not an advantage, nor is it an advantage signal. It looks to me like the, touched the ball, signal. But as we cant refer to this signal as factually meaning anything st all, I guess we will never know. Easiest and clearest solution? Dont use unauthorised signals, they cause confusion!

This is the signal at the Liverpool goal btw...
Like you, I was convinced in real time that it was a foul (charge with his hip/upper leg), but after seeing replays I'd say play on. There's kind of a hip charge by Salah to get in front of N'Zonzi, but (a) that's not what made N'Zonzi fall (it's because his knee then hits the back of Salah's leg), and (b) N'Zonzi actually caused the contact by moving towards Salah and trying to get between Salah and the ball; also had his arm across, probably felt Salah would get to the ball first (N'Zonzi is fantastic, but he's slow, especially his start), was more focused on Salah than on the ball. Good call for me.
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It's a difficult one for a referee especially with only one look at normal speed, but looks like Salah got his foot in front of N'Zonzi's, which N'Zonzi then kicked into Salah's foot. There's an argument for giving a decision in favour of either side. Did Salah deliberately put his foot in the way of N'Zonzi's?

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I watched about 10 minutes just before half time and watched this bit live, in real time i shouted foul, and that was in a pub full of Liverpool fans!!!, I couldn't believe he played on and gave the fortuitous goal after.... Dubious at very best, what do I know!!!!
What about the Sevilla manager throwing the ball away at a throw in, not once but twice!? An idiotic move by any standards. I applaud the ref for making our lives easier by sending him away on the second instance. I liked the way he did it to - no chat, no niceties, just run over, point to the tunnel and run back. Well done sir.