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The referee extends the half to allow a penalty kick to be taken and completed. After the referee blows the whistle for the kick to be taken, a defender encroaches and blocks the ball immediately after it is kicked and moves forward. What decision does the referee make?


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The kick is retaken, as per Law 13 and Law 7 ("If a penalty kick has to be taken or retaken, the half is extended until the penalty kick is completed")

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When is a penalty kick completed?
Well, it's certainly not completed by the actions of an opponent committing an offence to prevent the kick reaching the goal, that's for sure.

I think this is about as clear as example of,
"The Laws cannot deal with every possible situation, so where there is no direct provision in the Laws, The IFAB expects the referee to make a decision within the 'spirit' of the game – this often involves asking the question, “what would football want/expect?” as you could hope to find.
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Defensive encroachment that materially contributes towards a non-scored penalty? That's a retake and as @ChasTutorObserver points out, you can extend time again to allow for retake(s) as necessary. I'd be considering a caution as well if it's such a blatant act designed to get in the taker's head.


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I think the OP questiin is taken out of context. Anyone who knows me on this forum, I tend to find wordings of law that "have issues". Any referee who has extended time to complete the penalty knows the right decision is to retake.

I take @Peter Grove's point that the law can't cover everything but this would be a pretty simple one to cover.

"If a penalty kick has to be taken or retaken, the half is extended until the penalty kick and any subsequent retakes as required by law 10 are completed"

Alternatively we can add words to the effect that the penalty is not completed if it has to be retake.