Millwall v Brighton

I get impression its set in stone in England that the ref stands on the 18 at every corner
Every corner so far in this game has had flash points 2/3 yards from goal
Its been total guess work so far by the ref, and sad to say he obviously fabricated a foul just before ht
Game managment, whatever
Giving fouls when there is not one, has many other names.......
Absolutely cracking decision to send him off.

However Sian Massey got that very tight offside call wrong and Brighton scored from it.
Another that VAR would have overruled but its not allowed at non PL grounds.


Lighting the darkest hour
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How was the rest of his game? From what I'm hearing he didn't do too well.
Didn't do too bad in fairness. First caution administered to a Brighton player, followed moments after a similar foul by a Millwall player. Some criticism from commentary, but to be honest, I felt the preceding challenge was the "watershed", ie next one will be cautioned and rightly so. Let down by 2 offside calls, but that wasn't his fault.

Red absolutely nailed on. Let himself and teammates down.