My first sin bin


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Like death and taxes, it is, perhaps, inevitable for all of us referees that the game will come when, for the first time, we use the “sin-bin.”

For me, that game was last night, a pre-season friendly between Blues, who I’ve ref-ed many times, and Yellows, from a different, neighbouring league that I’ve not ref-ed before.

Blues are a great community team, and the players have come to know me & I them, on the pitch. Always happy to ref them, although they do have one “combative” centre back who likes to question any decision that doesn’t go his way. Have carded him for dissent before. Six mins before half time he’d been pushing my buttons, call him over, give him a final warning, anymore and he’s in the bin for 10 mins. Didn’t hear another peep out of him all game. He likes his football and didn’t fancy losing ten minutes playing time. In the past, he would have carried on once more, taking the yellow card & £10 fine, but then shutting up to avoid a second yellow.

22 mins into second half Yellow was questioning a decision, wouldn’t let it go, call him over to give him the same final warning I gave Blue. Unfortunately, he won’t accept warning, keeps going with the dissent. Take his name, tell him he’s going in the bin and will be off the pitch for 10 mins, show yellow card and point to side line. Take a note of the time, and make a mental note of when he can come back on.

All very simple and straightforward, did then get asked by yellow players on pitch how long left for the bin every couple of minutes. Did cause one player some confusion when replied to a team mate “two minutes to go” as he thought that was all that was left in the game!

After the game, a couple of Yellows came to ask me (out of genuine interest and with no malice) what happens now re: the sin bin, I explained how the card still gets reported by me, but no fine for the club/player. Reflecting afterwards, what I couldn’t remember (and fortunately wasn’t asked) was whether the sin bin YC counts towards suspension.

I’m confident they will be a force for good in grass roots football
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I'm just surprised you had a game with Blues, Yellows and Whites!
Oops! My apologies!

When writing a post based on a match incident I change the team colours to try and retain some anonymity, but in this case clearly got myself confused! Have edited the post to remove the unnecessary “Whites”
My understanding is that they don't count towards a suspension for a friendly game but 5 yellows in non friendly game equals 1 match suspension if before first cut off date.