Penalty Infringement

In my game yesterday I give a penalty. Up strikes the elected penalty taker and he feints to shoot within striking distance of the ball before placing the ball into the net. I blow up, caution the taker and give IDFK to defence. Queue mayhem! 2 cautions for attacking team under C2 and an unhappy coach trudging off to the club house.

My question to you all is what code do I file this sanction under on Whole Game System.
It's one of those I always look out for but never expect to have to give. Always difficult being the only one out there that knows the laws of the game.
Nothing in the OP states definitively that the penalty taker had completed the run up. It sounds possible that they had but it's not 100% clear. So the question for me would still be, "Had the kicker completed the run up or not?"
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