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I live on the Welsh/English border. I have played for a Welsh amateur Saturday league team for 8 years and I’m keen to start refereeing. I was wondering if anyone here could tell me if it’s possible to referee in the English Sunday league as well as sign on as a player for another year in the Welsh set up?


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Don't see any reason why not

I've reffed and played at the same time in England (for a season in 2010 and 2016)

If you end up getting a ban from playing for whatever reason, expect it to apply to reffing as well (though might work differently across borders)


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Hi James

There may be international considerations, as you will be registered with 2 countries. You will need to check with both the FA and the Welsh FA.

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As yourself rhetorical questions in your own head then. 👍

I’m sure the Welsh FA will be more than accommodating any request for dual country membership!


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I'm going to answer the original question to get it back on topic. It depends where you are registered and where you are refereeing. If you are registered as a Welsh referee and want to referee in England then you will definitely require international clearance, which is little more than confirmation from your RDO (or equivalent) that you are qualified and not under suspension. It's the same as for players, so if you were registered as a player at a Welsh club and moved to an English one your new club would have to get clearance from the old club AND international clearance.

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