Sold Polar V800 (blue)

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Evening folks,

Due to upgrading to the new polar vantage series I will have for sale Polar v800 in blue. Included in the sale will be the polar h7 heart rate monitor.

For obvious sanitary reasons the strap will not be included. These can be purchased for a very small amount from amazon.
Other retailers are available I am sure.

Watch is in good condition with no defects. In terms of full disclosure it had a warranty repair on the top right "up" button. If lucky I might still have paperwork for the repair and will send this info through.

£105 inc. Postage for Mainland UK.

I believe the new watch will be here in approx a week so will be good to go then.


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This is now available... ready to go. Will take 100 all in inc. Postage.

If no1 wants it then will be flogging on ebay in a few days.


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This is the watch all of the elite referees were using before Hublot came along and made them all a special fancy watch.

Accuracy of gps.
Data analysis. Tells you everything you would ever want to know.
Multiple sport profiles - helpful if into multiple sports.
Tells the time, always helpful for a watch.

Not a smart watch
Not the very latest model (albeit currently better than the newer model I have upgraded to which feels very beta so far).
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