Promotion 17/18


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Thought I'd start a thread that everyone going for promotion, at whatever level, can use to post about their experiences!

Had my first observation yesterday for 7-6. Am on the double jump, so need to get 20 games in before 30th September, which basically means every Saturday/Sunday for the rest of this season, and then a couple over the summer.

Am waiting on the final report, but I found the feedback really useful just in general terms, whatever mark he gives. For example, I have a habit of turning my back on the box when measuring out the wall, as I measure 'inside' the wall, rather than outside (closer to touchline). Never would have recognised that on my own!


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It's amazing what we as observers spot!

And still referees hate the sight of us (or is that just me - @es1 @Darius ?)
i don't hate the sight of you! level 4 they're present more often than not (in my experience at least) so i don't hate them (or fear them) turning up as much as i used to

promotion definitely not on my radar for last season...hopefully i can perform better this


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I'm on 6-5 it's unlikely that I'll be having any observations this month. I'm on a month of AR appointments (by request) with the exception of two middles on the women's league I officiate on.

Looking forward to getting started, hopefully I'll be able to avoid getting injured this time around.
I tend to find that the clubs and players hate us more than the referees. Referee cautions a player, it's the observers fault. Referee sends a player off for DOGSO and it's the observer's fault as he wouldn't have done it had he not been stood there with his notebook ..!
Observers ... the 'Milwall' of the officiating community :rolleyes:


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Thing is I like to have an observer there. It's easier at level 4 because the players expect one there.

At lower levels it can be harder though
First observation this weekend and woke up all bunged up this morning thanks to the kids and their pesky colds. Hopefully shake it off by the weekend.


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Feedback is a gift. I'd prefer to have Observers on _all_ of my games if it was possible. You should always be putting in your best possible performance, and not changing anything. You never know who is at the game, or who might watch highlights on YouTube at a later date! (This latter point has ended up in suspensions for referees before...)


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so here's a question to our esteemed observers in this forum, and I know we've touched on this in a different post. Would anyone of you be generous enough to share with us the latest FA observers handbook?
I know what a level 4 will be marked upon and yes i found the previous FA assessor handbook (2013 version), so i guess i have a rough idea of what my observer will be looking for. But please any tips/advice or even the holy grail (the new FA Observers Handbook) will be greatly appreciated!!