Promotion Letters Are Out


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Congratulations Justy. Well done. Hard work starts now to make sure you are ready for the test.
Good luck to everybody else.
Be interested in the full list once that is available.


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Congratulations. Slightly strange year to get it given you have no idea when you'll be able to take the fitness test, means a long pre-season of keeping fit ... :)


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Level 3 Referee
Nicely done Justy Love! As mentioned above - very much enjoy the good news with your friends, family, and refereeing colleagues. You've worked hard to get here, and have done so through merit, so you should be 100% proud of that. It's now time to realistically assess your goals and implement a plan of attack moving forward to get those.

I've never really got the phrase "the hard work starts now" - I know people mean well, but the phrase itself infers you haven't been working hard, or haven't been working as hard as you could - only you can know that.


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Full list of those promoted to level 4:

Bimi Sherifi Amateur FA
Josh Burns Amateur FA
Terry Dawkins Amateur FA
Stephen Tymms Army
Dickie Doorbar Army
Mark McGowan Army
Ross Cole Bedfordshire
Daniel Jones Bedfordshire
Daniel Statham Bedfordshire
Alex Francioni Bedfordshire
Adam Jackson Berks & Bucks
Ollie Kaya Berks & Bucks
Dan Malyon Berks & Bucks
Thomas Johnson Birmingham
Nicholas Gray Birmingham
Liam Perkins Birmingham
Martin Shutt Birmingham
Ben Wilkinson Birmingham
David Patrick Birmingham
Ryan Jennings Birmingham
Niall Felton Birmingham
Mariusz Tomon Birmingham
Stacey Fullicks Cambridgeshire
Samuel (Jake) Dods Cambridgeshire
Thomas Beresford Cambridgeshire
Matthew Whitworth Cambridgeshire
Matthew Francis Cambridgeshire
Patrick Henneby Cambridgeshire
Tomas O'Brien Cheshire
Ben Sutcliffe Cheshire
Kyle Lines Cheshire
James Tew Cheshire
Adrian Duicu Cheshire
Ryan Bancroft Cheshire
Isaac Santos Munn Cheshire
Jake Widdowson Cheshire
Jon Green Cornwall
Kevin Hoare Cornwall
Scott Henry Cumberland
Georgia Ball Derbyshire
David Windsor Derbyshire
John Stevens Derbyshire
Bailey Walker Devon
Samuel Smith Devon
Matthew Redmond Devon
Ashley Harris Devon
Ryan Dennis Devon
Jonathan Veale Devon
Alan Bassett Devon
Nigel Lawrence Devon
Toby Scanlan Devon
Matthew Arthur Devon
Daniel Muirden Devon
Michael Donovan Dorset
Daniel Van Hymus Durham
Danny Markham Durham
Alex Ferriday Durham
Thomas James Durham
Lewis Hardy Durham
Jack Arrowsmith Durham
Victoria Davidson Durham
Dominic Hawkins East Riding
Adam Shimmin East Riding
Luke Tompkins East Riding
Kieran Kent East Riding
Andrew Lea East Riding
Nicholas Vermaat Essex
Callum Dorling Essex
Lanray Alapafujah Essex
Gavin Bailey Essex
Luke Scottow Essex
Daniel Baines Essex
Samuel Laidler Essex
Anthony Bickley Essex
Tolu Sangowawa Essex
Andrew Crossley Essex
Jack Luckman Essex
Brian Taylor Essex
Benjamin Hughes-Day Essex
Luke Woolf Essex
Paul Collier Gloucestershire
Billy Wilde Gloucestershire
Owen Brimicombe Gloucestershire
Mark Wilkes Gloucestershire
Conan Dunne Gloucestershire
Ben Powell Gloucestershire
Daniel Forrester Gloucestershire
Oscar WHITING Hampshire
Justyn LEONARD Hampshire
James COLLEY Hampshire
George REDFORD Hampshire
Darren COOLEY Hampshire
James CRASCALL Hampshire
Ade SKEATES Hampshire
Robert HARRISON Hampshire
Ffion EADE Hampshire
Adam Hillier Hampshire
Marcus Ward Hampshire
Barnaby TAYLOR Hampshire
Declan SKEHAN Hampshire
Simon HOLMAN Hampshire
Chris Bounds Herefordshire
Thomas Hood Hertfordshire
Mark Rister Hertfordshire
Daniel England Huntingdonshire
Mark Simmons Huntingdonshire
Zack Moules Kent
Simon Cutler Kent
David Rowland Kent
Mohammed Uddin Kent
Wayne Horsfall Kent
Marcin Indyk Kent
Tim Hart Kent
Kieran Cox Kent
Matt Charles Kent
Joseph Hind Lancashire
Daniel Curran Lancashire
Matthew Moss Lancashire
Anthony Parr Robinson Lancashire
Peter Fuller Lancashire
Matthew Pope Lancashire
David Martindale Lancashire
Paul Watson Lancashire
Joshua Pycroft Lancashire
Keenan Wright Lancashire
Edgar Brown Leicestershire
Callum Hutton Leicestershire
Louis Stamp Lincolnshire
James Cliffe Lincolnshire
Keiron Salmons Lincolnshire
Istvan Mod Lincolnshire
Leon Westerman Lincolnshire
Robbie Hall Lincolnshire
Gary Caley Lincolnshire
Ryan Coulson Lincolnshire
Harry Atkin Lincolnshire
Ethan Nundy Lincolnshire
Simon Lilley Lincolnshire
Jayke Brophy Lincolnshire
Aimee Keir Lincolnshire
James Mooney Lincolnshire
Scott Poole Liverpool
Kyle Matthews Liverpool
Thomas De Prez Liverpool
Chris Mooney Liverpool
Jacob Viera Liverpool
David Barnett Liverpool
Alec Walker Liverpool
Adam Sefton Liverpool
Christopher Willian Liverpool
Morgan Conn London
Josh Gilham London
Yashar Yekta London
Alan Steward London
Alistair Potter London
Chris Bowdery London
Kuba Bogucki London
Ronald Albert London
Fernando Lopez London
Stephen Lawley London
Maros Valko London
Emmanuel Makola London
Ashton Wroe Manchester
Declan Dunn Manchester
Joe Cunningham Manchester
Jack Carr Manchester
Alexander Beeley Manchester
Mark Bates Manchester
Brandon Mellor Manchester
Jahangir Hussain Manchester
Daniel Barclay Manchester
Fadi Mansour Middlesex
Steven Conway Middlesex
Christopher Fernandes Middlesex
Ben Green Norfolk
Harvey Newstead Norfolk
Egidijus Amsiejus Norfolk
Matt Friend Norfolk
Louis Lofts Norfolk
Liam Smith North Riding
Macauley Gibson North Riding
Dean Whitwell North Riding
Steve Swann Northamptonshire
Sam Anderson Northamptonshire
David Brennan Northamptonshire
Harry Price Northamptonshire
George Younger Northamptonshire
Nicholas Vincent Northumberland
Kieron Smith Northumberland
Cameron Atkins Northumberland
Daniel Taylor Northumberland
George Dibbs Nottinghamshire
Peter Craggs Nottinghamshire
Daniel Ghent Nottinghamshire
Alex Cotterill Nottinghamshire
Jason Hayes Nottinghamshire
Peter Doolan Oxfordshire
Joseph Kidd Oxfordshire
Andrew Hunt Oxfordshire
Michael Allen Oxfordshire
Benjamin Allen Oxfordshire
Simeon Stoodley Oxfordshire
Thomas Martin Oxfordshire
Jack Deschoolmeester RAF
Albie Jeffery RAF
Stephen Jansen Royal Navy
Adam Kennard Royal Navy
Cole Collinge Royal Navy
Michael Hurdle Royal Navy
Joshua Drake Sheffield & Hallamshire
Charles Mulhall Sheffield & Hallamshire
Connor Everard Sheffield & Hallamshire
Dylan Hague Sheffield & Hallamshire
Daniel Brown Sheffield & Hallamshire
Stephen Grainger Sheffield & Hallamshire
Phillip Morton Sheffield & Hallamshire
Liam Marsh Sheffield & Hallamshire
Wayne Davenport Sheffield & Hallamshire
Mark Coates Shropshire
Dan Bugg Somerset
Elliot Spencer Somerset
David Middleton Somerset
Alex Rolfe Staffordshire
Alexandru Liciu Staffordshire
Josef Roemer Staffordshire
Gary Boyles Staffordshire
Stuart Flannery Staffordshire
Lloyd Reddin Staffordshire
James Henderson Staffordshire
Jacob Ratcliffe Staffordshire
Alex Shipp Suffolk
Liam Chinery Suffolk
Adrian Copsey Suffolk
Kevin Harrington Suffolk
Dane Johnston Surrey
Adam Merchant Surrey
Joe Wright Surrey
William Douglas Surrey
William Siegmund Surrey
Alex McKay Surrey
Cliff Angol Surrey
Perry Hart Sussex
Thomas Price Sussex
Daniel Jeffery Sussex
Darren Eaton Sussex
Oliver Westgate Sussex
Ben Brighton West Riding
Keir Wishart West Riding
Abdul Hakimy West Riding
Joe Moss West Riding
Daniel Gilpin West Riding
Dean Grant West Riding
Luca Caggiano West Riding
Tomas Day West Riding
Mark Robson Westmorland
Andrew Lincoln Wiltshire
George Lynch Wiltshire
Adrian Berry Wiltshire
Matthew Sell Wiltshire
Steven Annetts Wiltshire
Michael Wright Worcestershire
Jack Rose Worcestershire
Andrew Heapy Worcestershire


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Level 6 Referee
Full list of those promoted to level 3:

Ashley Allen Army FA
Benjamin Duffill Army FA
Robert Finn Army FA
Harry Tarrant Berks & Bucks FA
Jake Allsopp Birmingham FA
Kurt Bartlett Birmingham FA
Joshua Hackett Birmingham FA
James Lunn Birmingham FA
Thomas Kelly Cambridgeshire FA
Graeme Kearney Cheshire FA
Michael Glanville Cornwall FA
Thomas Hales Derbyshire FA
Harry Jones Derbyshire FA
Stacey Ford Devon FA
James Gould Devon FA
Mark Senior Devon FA
Christopher Armstrong Durham FA
Sam Parnaby Durham FA
Lewis Reynolds Durham FA
Robert Claussen Essex FA
Ivaylo Kyosev Essex FA
Endrit Malaveci Essex FA
Nathan Oakes Essex FA
Thomas Whay Essex FA
Peter Wilson Essex FA
Liam Beames Gloucestershire FA
Matthew Perry Gloucestershire FA
Paul Barber Hampshire FA
Timothy Godfray Hampshire FA
Stephen Hawkes Hampshire FA
Sean Phillips Hampshire FA
Jorden Gibson Hertfordshire FA
Matthew Norton Hertfordshire FA
John Perry Hertfordshire FA
Graham Swanton Hertfordshire FA
Howard Collins Kent FA
Aaron Conn Kent FA
Daniel Doyle Kent FA
Harry Wager Kent FA
Matthew Archibald Lancashire FA
Aran Hodgkinson Lancashire FA
Simon Robinson Lancashire FA
Shaun Taylor Lancashire FA
Sam Wesson Leicestershire & Rutland FA
Callum Jones Liverpool FA
Neil Bailey London FA
Ollie Davies London FA
Charles Martland London FA
David Burton Manchester FA
Jacob Graham Manchester FA
Simon Kells Manchester FA
Jonathan Wyatt Manchester FA
Conor Griffin Middlesex FA
Adrian George Norfolk FA
Murray Grant Norfolk FA
Callum Parke Norfolk FA
Jonathan Gill North Riding FA
David Holmes North Riding FA
Seth Sheehan-Galia Northamptonshire FA
Kirk Freeth Northumberland FA
Zac Kennard-Kettle Northumberland FA
George Enever Nottinghamshire FA
Ian Jackson Nottinghamshire FA
Lewis Saunders-Johnson Nottinghamshire FA
Thomas Green Oxfordshire FA
David Nicholson Oxfordshire FA
Martyn Mitchell RAF FA
Callum Waller Royal Navy FA
William Cavanagh Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Daniel Tracey Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Samuel Wright Sheffield & Hallamshire FA
Ian Hawkins Somerset FA
Carl Peters Somerset FA
Ben Robinson Staffordshire FA
Harry Warner Staffordshire FA
Steven Scott Surrey FA
Anthony Andrews Sussex FA
Jake Woodman Sussex FA
Joel Ezro-Griffiths West Riding FA
Gavin Hock West Riding FA
Henry Naylor West Riding FA
Daniel Stokes Worcestershire FA

Congratulations to all


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Plenty of new L4 from Lincs FA. I wonder how much this was influenced by the fact that NCE Prem becomes a supply league this season. They are going to have some mileage to some matches, as their Pool includes West Yorks league. For a 2.30 kick off near Leeds, they will have to leave Thursday night (I know the road network......) :)

Russell Jones

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Level 3 Referee
Huge congrats to everyone on both lists. Delighted for all but especially for the Herts FA contingent ... on the L3 list there are a couple of future stars and a couple of richly deserving experienced refs. Onwards and upwards ....

Jevon Swinscoe

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Level 7 Referee
Congratulations to all that achieved their promotion.

I can actually claim I've worked with all of the promoted Nottinghamshire Officials this season.


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Level 5 Referee
Interesting to see the names! I've worked with 2 of the new Essex L3's - one of who I thought was excellent both times I worked with him, the other of who didn't get in touch with his AR's pre-game, turned up late and never really got control of a fairly feisty game, including 2 mass cons....


Level 7 Referee
Level 7 Referee
Congratulations to all that achieved their promotion.

I can actually claim I've worked with all of the promoted Nottinghamshire Officials this season.
I recognise the names of the Derbyshire ones, and should've been on a cup final with one of them, obviously COVID put a stop to that.

Congratulations to everyone who got promoted.


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Level 3 Referee
I got mine the other day, promoted to 3A.

But I'm told next season they're getting rid of the letter grades, so I'll be grade '3'. I'm not sure if this means, that whether I got promoted or not I'd be 3 regardless, as the information hasn't come my way yet.

However, I will say, I'm very proud to have achieved 3A. It was my goal to get it, because originally that would have given me the FAW badge. As I understand it, this season the badge is now only given to grade 2 referees and A/R's, so I won't be getting that fabled badge just yet. Even so, I don't care, I got my target, I proved I could do it.

Next season, maybe I will aim for grade 2 promotion? But I think I have to wait and see, because of COVID I've not been able to do much in terms of training atm, so I don't feel I'm in a good place compared to last season.

But enough negativeness, congratulations to everyone who got promoted. :)