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Inspired by Sheffield's Finest's picture round here's a quiz I did a while back World Cup based. Questions were written prior to 2018 but hopefully still up to scratch

1 Which country won the very first World Cup in 1930

2 Which nation was the first from Africa to reach the World Cup tournament stage

3 Name the eight countries that have won the world cup

4 Which country has been the losing finalist on the most occasions

5 Which countries have won the world cup outside of their home continent

6 Name the countries that have been in a world cup final but never won it

7 Which player has scored the most goals in World Cup Finals

8 Three England players have been shown red cards in the tournament. Name at least one

9 In the build-up to the 1966 tournament, the Jules Rimet trophy was stolen. The trophy was later discovered in some bushes in London by a dog. What was the name of the dog

10 Apart from Geoff Hurst, who else scored for England in the 1966 World Cup Final against West Germany

11 Which of the following wasn’t in the England squad featured in the Panini Italia 90 World Cup Sticker album: Chris Waddle / Neil Webb / David Platt / Paul Parker

12 In the Italia 90 Semi Final against West Germany, name at least two of the three England players who scored their penalties in the shootout

13 Which World Cup (year) was the first to be joint hosted by two different countries

14 Two players have the infamy of being sent of twice in World Cup Finals, Name at least one

15 The fastest goal in World Cup history was scored by Hakan Sukur (Turkey) in 2002. How much time had elapsed

16 In 2006 which referee issued three yellow cards to the same player in the same game

17 Which country knocked England out of the 2006 World Cup on penalties

18 Which is the only host nation to have been eliminated at the group stage

19 Who was the referee for the 2010 final, issuing 14 yellow cards and 1 red card in the game

20 England only scored two goals in the 2014 tournament. Who scored them

21 Who scored for Brazil in their 7-1 semi-final loss against Germany

22 Who scored the winning goal of the 2014 final

23 In 2014 who infamously bit Giorgio Chiellini

24 Name either of the two countries who are making their debuts at the tournament stage this year

25 The 2018 World Cup mascot is a wolf, the 2010 mascot was a leopard, what was 2014’s

26 Which company makes the official 2018 World Cup football (Telstar 18)

27 Who is England’s top goalscorer in World Cup tournaments

28 How many times have England been knocked out of the World Cup on penalties

29 What is the name of the trophy awarded to the World Cup winners

30 With 13 goals in the 1958 tournament which player holds the record for most goals in a single competition

31 West Germany and East Germany met each other in the last match of Group 1 of the 1974 world cup. Who won

32 Who was unbeaten in the 2010 tournament

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Question 32 is my favourite piece of football trivia.

New Zealand drew all group stage matches and did not progress to the knockout round. Champions Spain lost one group stage match against Switzerland which means New Zealand was the only unbeaten team in that tournament.