Open Age Ref spots it realtime

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Hmm …well, the attacker has anticipated contact… but the defender is days late and it’s an obvious foul. The defender looks to me to make an obvious poor attempt to challenge, heavy contact is unavoidable. Yes, the attacker goes early… but I think it’s an easy penalty to give. If the defender doesn’t make a poor half ar**ed attempt then you can start talking simulation YC…

I think that’s the problem here. If you are saying this is simulation then where is the YC IDFK?
I actually thought he might have given offside here. Us anything clear from the audio?

The player in the middle looks potentially off and moves towards the defender
Number 19 trips the defender before he goes into the back of the attacker; took a few views to see.
Probably an easier spot from the refs angle but top decision nevertheless.
Great spot, he totally does
To me an attacker foul on the defender first.

You may decide to caution the defender for being reckless (which would be harsh) but the attacker does the first foul so no penalty.

That number 19 is very deliberate in their actions, shielding with no intention to play the ball, and slips a trip in there too.
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