Shorter running fitness test/workout


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As I was messing around the Internet last night, I found this running workout that is shorter than the Premier League match replication session. Credit to this web site for the photo. In terms of intercollegiate soccer in the United States, Stanford University is a long-time traditional power for both men and women. As the article notes, I like that this test alternates between longer runs and shorter sprints on an alternating basis.

As with anything found that focuses on the fitness of upper-level players and referees, don't pay as much attention to the maximum times. A 2:45 half mile is a 5:30 mile pace, which is really fast (82 second pace around an standard 400-meter athletics track). I think running the test at your own pace and measuring the time needed to complete the whole test while adhering to the strict rest times noted in the test is a better way to measure improvement.