Toilet Roll Challenge

Brian Hamilton

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Tubeway Army : Are toilet rolls electric?
Slipknot : The toilet roll and I
Thin Lizzy : Whiskey in the toilet roll
Kaiser Chiefs : I predict a toilet roll
Sparks : This toilet roll (isn't big enough for the both of us)
Kim Carnes : Bette Davis toilet rolls
Bauhaus : A kick in the toilet roll
XTC : Making plans for toilet roll
Rolling Stones : Brown toilet roll
The Who : Baba O'toilet roll
The Specials : A toilet roll to you Rudy
Paul Simon : You can call me toilet roll
Wilson Pickett : Mustang toilet roll
Arrested Development : Mr toilet roll
House of Pain : Toilet roll of pain
Elton John : Bennie and the toilet rolls
David Bowie : Toilet roll Stardust
Foo Fighters : Monkey toilet roll
The Beatles : I am the toilet roll
Bob Marley : Three little toilet rolls
Jimi Hendrix - All along the toilet roll

I'll be back for disc 2 later...

Brian Hamilton

RefChat Addict
Level 5 Referee
Goo Goo Dolls : Toilet roll
The Darkness : I believe in a toilet roll called love
White Stripes : Seven toilet roll Army
Snoop Dogg : Drop it like it's toilet roll
Pink Floyd : Wish you were toilet roll
Guns'n'Roses : Sweet toilet roll o'mine
Spice Girls : Sice up your toilet roll
The Cure : Toilet roll (I'm love)
Joy Division : She's out of toilet roll
Sinead O'Connor : Toilet roll compares 2 U
The Buggles : Toilet roll killed the radio star
Soft Cell : Tainted toilet roll
Dire Straits : Toilet rolls of swing
Pet Shop Boys : Always on my toilet roll
Erasure : A little toilet roll
Aerosmith : Dude (looks like a toilet roll)
Queen: Crazy little toilet roll called love
REM : Shiny happy toilet roll
The Verve : Bitter sweet toilet roll
Massive Attack : Unfinished toilet roll
Nirvana : Smells like teen toilet roll

Disc 3 may follow. Depends on how this next assignment goes. Not happy having an extended summer holiday. I mean 6 weeks is long enough but this year it could be 26 weeks out of school :(


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