Walking off the pitch!

Ciley Myrus

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Cant force anyone to play, for any reason

I saw a game last week live on tv where the goalie was visibly shaken by a pyro device which landed just yards from him, thing is, 2 players of the team whose fans threw the device jumped out of their skin too
An actual threat to safety, I would support anyone walking off, last week though, not that it would ever happen, it needs Celtic, not St Mirren, to walk, thus showing the Celtic fans the consequence of their actions

If the referee is under instruction, esp if a delegate is there, to halt or terminate a match, that's different too

A player, should not really be walking off, but, I doubt I be taking the caution, that said, Lee Probert was backed, and praised in some quarters for carrying out his duties when cautioning the goal celebration at Cardiff after the plane death, so, hard one to call

Playing safe, I doubt I would caution for walking off, but I be inclined to caution if someone walked back on (without permission

one thing I do know, and older readers will confirm, is the abuse, no matter how unacceptable, is nothing compared to the players in the 80s etc, esp in Scotland where it was as good as accepted to abuse coloured players.
My local team had one and his reply? to score goals and smile at the detractors.

on the flip side, John Barnes claimed he lost his Celtic job because of his colour, of course it was nothing to do with his atrocious results.....


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A manager got fined recently in England for taking his team off the pitch. The racist abuse came from the A/R, who was subsequently found guilty and only had a five match ban, from what I've read.

I think that the punishment system needs re-evaluating in this day and age tbh. Racist abuse from fans should get a lifetime ban, racist abuse from players and officials also needs to have severe repercussions. I caught one I think London case on twitter where the league was more interested in asking the victim to take down tweets revealing what he was called rather than actually supporting him and banning those who made the racist comments.

It's all backwards.

Ciley Myrus

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Liege Anderlecht had a 5 min hold up due to flares this evening, lasted 10 mins and now its happened again so ref has taken the players off

they came from the Anderlecht end, should just give Liege a 3-0 win and everybody goes home safe.