Where do you put your flags at the end of the season?

santa sangria

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I ask this because I've "misplaced" mine...
Your season has just finished, mine begins tomorrow. I'd really rather not wheel out the spare set ;)
So, where do you tuck them away in the off season?
Jog my memory, go on!

santa sangria

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Yeah but no... kit bag was used for the futsal season sans flags... I have been through the whole house... and Miss Sangria is super tidy... the Sangrettes too... Hmm could I have left them at the last match of the season in all the play-off excitement...?
Garage was a good call... I've double checked the car!

Tino Best

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Kit bag. Why would you take them out for a futsal season. Surely they just lurk in the bottom of the bag with the spare set and come out when your proper season starts. Have you washed them they might be in your airing cupboard or ironing pile. I have never ironed my flags but I'm sure there is more than one person on this forum has. If your kids are young maybe make sure teddy doesn't have a new cape!


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I leave everything in my kit bag the whole time. The only time anything comes out is to wash it, or to transfer to a smaller bag if I'm going to a game straight from work (big trolley bags and London rush hour trains are not a good mix).

Although at the end of the last season I really did leave everything in the bag, including a banana. That wasn't especially pleasant when I opened the bag back up 4 months later ... :wtf:


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I'd definitely follow around the "washing cycle" if I were you - I would normally leave my flags in my bag like the others, but they'd normally get a wash at the end of the season at least before going back in there.

richard ramjane

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i dug out a set from the shed the other day .... I use a cheapo set on a sunday morning ... but had a decent set which i used once only before. Had them tucked away for so long i'd forgotten, so i did the tour of the house.
in the wardrobe
kids rooms
washing/ ironing
cupboard under the stairs
various kit bags
underwear drawer
boot of the car
finally the shed

santa sangria

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Another amazing RC story (not)
In the loving boot of another ref from after my last game last season.

Reminds of that famous crossword clue:

"Postman loses sack"
"How many letters?"

"Bloomin' thousands!"

A Freethinker

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Bottom of wardrobe with all my shirts hanging up and kit bag underneath, boots polished and stuffed ready to be polished again when season starts. All other accessories neatly stored in an oversized lunchbox so everything in the one place.

richard ramjane

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reminds me, i must go through my bag at the end of this season and get rid of all the bits and bobs that have been building up in there... teamsheets, old handbooks, matchcards, crap whistles i started with.... underpants..... needs a good sort out