Wolves Liv AR special

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AR2 Robathan looks young, 2nd proper season in the prem.

AR1 sets the tone with a no flag in the first goal kick. It was obvious but it was on his side so it was quite theatrical not to flag! Boss!

Meanwhile not a great first advantage from MO...

santa sangria

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Hmm Wolves want free kicks so cumulative fouls on Adama are more obvious but MO plays advantage again.

And MO missed the Docherty yellow card.
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We’ve come a long way when Blades celebrate a Liverpool winner as we push for a European place! Thank god the VAR gods we’re still shining again!

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No. It was more like I know the old law, I know the new law but I'm going to ignore them both and do my own thing.
We see it so often in football... the tail wagging the dog
If top referees suddenly stop ignoring a Law, it leads to a change in the LOTG
It's always been a problem in the game. The Laws are selectively ignored, undermining all the Laws which are policed (forensically at times)
Referees in other sports don't just tear pages out of the book