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Hi Guys,
Does anyone know where I can find the yellow match wallet, that A&H used to sell, been looking everywhere and I can't seem to find one!


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Not seen one of these but my first thought is this is a stupid colour for a wallet if you are just getting it out of your pocket for any other reason than a card production? You could be noting a goal or a sub? Players do look out for this and it’s a strange choice IMO


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I use one of these and need a new one because mine has seen quite a lot of use. I don't know if A&H have stopped doing them because they never seem to be in stock.

Personally, mine comes out for "card production" a lot, so I find that when I take it out to note down a goal / sub the players are glad that's all it's for and don't make too much of it!


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Do you brandish it instead of a yellow card? Otherwise, what's the benefit?