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    Oct 23, 2013
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    2 more reasons why I despair about football and refereeing.

    As a favour I took on an OA match on Saturday after getting a call at 9.30PM Friday. I was reluctant as at the start of last season I made the decision to resign from officiating all adult football because of the lack of respect shown to me/officials. It had worn me down over my many seasons of refereeing and I had finally had enough. Refereeing 15 and 16 year old's I have found considerably more rewarding.
    Saturday, the side that were losing were moaning about most of my decisions and generally misbehaving as they fell further behind, no great surprise I suppose. A stark reminder as if I needed one why I no longer enjoy refereeing ingrates.
    Secondly, at half time, a long standing referee approached me and asked if I had a senior moment in retaking a free kick that had not left the penalty area before the defender touched it.

    I despair about the state of grass roots football.
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  4. Russell Jones

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    Dec 22, 2012
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    Can totally empathise with some of your frustrations. And certainly not worth banging your head against the men's grass roots wall if it's not working for you. That said, would obviously be a great shame to lose your hard earned experience. Sure you've considered all of these already but just in case ...

    1) Maybe lines (or middles) on a Supply League like the Spartan might be an interesting change. Working as a team of three always gives a different perspective and (from my experience) the standard of behaviour is better, if not brilliant!
    2) Womens' Leagues. I've really enjoyed my time on Greater London Womens league and more recently on the FAWPL. Better facilities and hospitality, nice people and much better player behaviour
    3) Observing / Mentoring. Obviously not the same as being on the FOP but the opportunity to improve standards ... and educate referees that defensive FKs also have to leave the penalty area!!

    Great that you still enjoy the youth stuff as well. Keep smiling :)
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  5. Graham Carter

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    Mar 7, 2017
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    Sorry to hear you're not enjoying it any more.

    I too had this issue, particularly with Sunday football so I took the decision to give up Sundays and officiate on Saturdays only.
    Cutting down the number of games certainly helped!

    The second point I find is a fairly common misconception amongst many grass roots players and referees. Not sure why!

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