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    penalty encroachment in the football league

    I suspect that it's like the handball changes. Waiting to get things settled and proven to be "good enough", then rewrite the Law to match the taught interpretations.
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    penalty encroachment in the football league

    That's how it's being applied almost everywhere around the world at the professional level, and a large number of places at the non-professional level. Not just a Mike Riley/PGMOL thing, so feel free to take your vitriol elsewhere on that one.
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    Identifying dissent with hearing loss

    "Oh, I'm sorry, did you say something?" If they respond and dissent, well, that's easy. :)
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    Can you referee matches in another country if your a level 5 referee from the UK?

    If they have a FIFA referee badge, they're supposed to wear that when acting as a referee (but not when acting as an AR). If they have a FIFA AR badge, they wear that when acting as an AR (but not when acting as a referee).
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    Lincoln v Wycombe

    Problem with your phrasing is that it comes across as "if there's no loss of consciousness or vomiting, it's not a concussion." Concussion is an odd thing, and delays before treatment can be very dangerous.
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    Lincoln v Wycombe

    You forgot something really important in your first sentence. "Symptoms of concussion CAN include" They don't always. I've seen bad concussions that didn't have either of those as symptoms when the incident happened.
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    That's because the goal kick was already covered in Circular 16:
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    QPR v Huddersfield

    It wasn't the original intent, no, but the wording was softened in the Law and the direction that came with it was as @cwyeary states.
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    Man Utd v Chelsea

    Because that's the Law in Law 8?
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    Fabregas Red Card VAR

    That was (almost) the Futuro (FIFA) guidelines previously. There's supposed to be an understanding now that the force is also important, not just the point and type of contact. What about a tackle with the side of the foot onto the shin... is that a red card? Your comment suggests that it...
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    Fabregas Red Card VAR

    That's a FIFA thing. If contact is with studs/cleats above the ankle, then start with a red card and then see if there's reason to bring that down to a yellow (like glancing contact only, no/negligible force, etc). In this situation, the player steps onto the Achilles, and as he steps, his...
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    New goal kick trick

    Because one of the things that was actually done at the time was a defender taking a FK, lifting the ball up to his teammate's head who headed it directly back to their GK. Lots of weird wordings and Laws are on the book because they actually happened. Like the GK scoring an own goal on a CK...
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    YC for unnamed Team Officials

    If he's not named on teh team sheet, then he cannot be in the technical area. Deal with the simple issue proactively before it gets more complicated. Arguably, you could treat this the same way you treat a player. "Oh, you won't give your name? Here's a second caution, now leave." When I have...
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    New goal kick trick

    So, interesting update: Denmark's FA has come out (in writing) and said that this is NOT allowed. Dutch FA has come out (in writing) and said that this IS allowed. A referee education group in Germany has stated that they have information via a UEFA member group from the IFAB saying it is...
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    Kicking the ball away

    Dissent has always been considered "more serious" from a disciplinary standpoint, but the point that I (and others) have been trying to make on this thread is that it's almost NEVER both offences simultaneously... it's almost ALWAYS one or the other. In that occasional situation where it can...