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    Newport v Brighton penalties

    He had his trail foot on or over the line on each save... he's good to go. Newport GK was the same.
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    Premier League and Offside

    Part of the problem here is that the FA/PGMOL are taking it a step further than FIFA has been teaching. The teaching at those levels has been to delay the flag only if it is a close or uncertain offside situation. Obvious stuff should be flagged when the offence occurs. English assistants seem...
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    Velcro (hook and loop fastener). Attach the loop (soft) side to the jersey where you want the badge to go, put the hook (hard) side onto the back of the badge. Benefit there? You can remove the badge when washing the jersey, and you can put it onto another jersey if need be.
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    VAR question

    If VAR deems this to be a red card offence (DOGSO), then they roll back in the sequence to see if there was an offside. If so... :)
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    It was nice while it lasted...

    Takeaway is defined as "can only be consumed away from the establishment". The difference between a shopping centre and a stadium is that in a shopping centre, the shops selling the food are NOT the same as the shopping centre, so it can be within the shopping centre which is a different...
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    UEFA Part 2

    This is an interesting one, and at least three studies have been done on it over the years, one of which had a follow-up using the Champions League games this summer as a series of high level games with no fans. The one I recall best came out of Germany and they found a decently significant...
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    Sin Bin

    Just be aware that, as far as I recall, nowhere in the US has sanctioned the use of sin bins as yet. The governing body (US Soccer) has to allow for their use.
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    ARS vs LEI

    Video of all angles, plus a VR simulation at the end... haha.
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    toss up

    Yes, that's how it works -- if the winner of the toss chooses to kick off, their opponents get choice of end.
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    New futsal DOGSO confusion

    My understanding from two FIFA sessions and conversations with a couple of other instructors is that yes... that's exactly it... Except change "would result in a DOGSO" to "would result in a possible DOGSO".
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    New futsal DOGSO confusion

    I just wanted to clarify, in case someone read that statement and didn't consider the other circumstance. :) P.S. I think that the problem this time in taing the changes verbatim came because there are (apparently) some football people that sit on the futsal law committee.
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    New futsal DOGSO confusion

    Minor correction here -- if the GK is in the PA, but out of position (ie, not in the goal, but over near one of the corners for example), then it can still be DOGSO.
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    New futsal DOGSO confusion

    @one -- You have to remember that they transferred the text from the 2019-20 football laws, before the "usually" changes were removed. There's already some established resistance to the outcome of the "accidental handball" leading to a penalty or possible DFKSAF. I've had a few conversations...
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    New futsal DOGSO confusion

    Poor editing, unfortunately. If the GK is guarding the goal, it can never be DOGSO (as per pg 63 of the 20/21 Laws). To guard the goal, the GK must be in their penalty area between the ball and the goal. If the GK is NOT in that circumstance, then and situation where the attacking players...
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    Offside IDFK from the right place?

    The question specifically was relating to "diagram 4". The player, in that case, becomes active when the referees (well, AR to be precise) deem them as interfering with play. Which is often before they play the ball (and thus interfere with play). In the case where this isn't the case, then...