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    FIFA Referees Fitness Test

    When you're doing it, you can't go through the gates before the cue. Running the main portion of the HI test is endurance, not "smashing it out of the park". Figure out the cadence/speed you need for both the run and walk, get used to it. A friend of mine regularly trains to do an extra 4-6...
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    Everton Brighton

    VAR can be used to give cautions if they're seen while using OFR to review something else. So, for example above (which is what happened in the Portugal game), an incident is missed by the ref (or called a simple foul). VAR looks at it and thinks that it's a possible RC (violent conduct or SFP)...
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    Everton Brighton

    Only if it's deemed to be deliberate handling. There was one a couple of years ago where a defender cleared a ball, it hit an attacker's hand from about a metre (3 feet) away just off the side of his body (so not deliberate in any reading of the Law now or five years ago) and went directly into...
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    Everton Brighton

    I can't see the video, but if what you describe is correct and the handball was accidental but led to a goal scoring opportunity or a goal, the caution is not correct. If the handball was deemed to be deliberate and led directly to the goal, then yes, the caution is correct. The caution is NOT...
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    Blades v Hammers

    Already here:
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    Melbourne City vs Western Utd penalty & RC

    Easy DOGSO call here. If that ball isn't handled by the trailing arm (not supporting), that ball is going straight to the teammate who will be one v one with the GK. There's also a second free attacker a few metres beside him, and the closest defender is trailing by 5-7m. If that's not an...
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    Circumventing the law

    If it happened on a goal kick, right now, it's just a retake. If it happened at any other time, it's an IFK AND a YC.
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    Circumventing the law

    They're published on the IFAB website. If you want to ask why things are circulated all the way down, why not ask your ref secretary or your local FA?
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    Circumventing the law

    Other than the defender needing a caution for the "trickery"... spot on. Now, if this was a goal kick by the GK and this happened? Just retake the goal kick.
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    No booking?

    Was a ref in these parts that used to revel in giving a card for that. Even under the older laws, that wasn't a card. Who is it denying possession to? His own team (maybe)? The other team as a throw-in? Just blow the whistle, give the free kick, and laugh it off.
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    Merseyside Derby

    If a penalty, it's an attempt to play, so not red, but yellow.
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    Liv Bri

    I have been both. My coaches/etc as I was growing up playing semi-seriously were always all about "if the GK gets sent off, get the wall in approximately the right place while we're getting the new one in." It's a good tactic so that the incoming GK only has to tweak the wall. In this...
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    NOR v ARSE

    As @RustyRef said, it was #2 from Norwich, Aarons. He encroached and interfered (he was the one who cleared the rebound). That's the line that was drawn in the sand last year. I'm shocked that you haven't kept up with this stuff.
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    Liv Bri

    This didn't happen. He backed away, then blew the whistle. And this was AFTER the GK came in from his sub, jogged to his goal area, put his stuff down, and then the 15-20s of setting the wall up began. Why isn't that wall more or less set up already? What have the defenders been doing all...
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    Liv Bri

    Perfectly within his rights here. Not the greatest of optics, but the GK came on after the substitution, moved to his position on the field, then spent 15-20s standing at his post barking orders. How long is he just going to leave him there doing that?